GEO Marketing Alliances Group

Small Biz 10

10 or fewer Employees, $39.00 /month

What we offer

  • Consultation on unlimited matters concerning your business
  • 20 calls or letters per year by the provider attorney for your business
  • 5 collection letters per month
  • 20 documents reviewed per year
  • Designated consultations
  • Preferred Member Discount Specific limitations may apply

Plan Details

Legal Consultation

Telephone consultation on unlimited matters concerning your business; with up to 1 hour of legal research per matter. (Number of matters at attorney discretion. Matters covered under the Designated Consultation benefit are not covered under this benefit).

Correspondance (Letters and Calls)

Available at the discretion of your Provider Lawyer.

  • 20 per year, calls or letters with 1 follow up per subject matter (up to 6 in any month)
Designated Consultation

Three telephone consultations per year arranged by your Provider Lawyer - each consisting of up to one-half hour for the following legal matters:

  • Securities
  • Patents
  • Copyrights
  • Antitrust
  • Immigration
  • Import/Export of custom materials
  • Issues arising outside your state, within U.S.
  • Commodities
  • Trademarks
  • Admiralty
  • International Law
  • Tax
  • Intellectual Property
Document and Contract Review
  • Up to 15 pages each
  • Up to 20 contracts/documents per year (up to 6 in any month)
  • One out-of-state document review per year
Debt Collection Letters
  • Up to five separate initial collection letters per month
  • For profit business
  • Not publicly traded
  • Must have 10 or fewer employees
  • Non-profit or associations are not eligible
Preferred Discount

25% off additional legal services, litigation representation and other legal work within your business state is available at a 25% discount from the Lawyer's corporate hourly rate. Your Provider Law Firm will let you know when the 25% discount applies and go over these fees with you. In some cases, a retainer fee may also be required before representation begins; and a separate engagement agreement with the attorney will be required. The following are covered only under your 25% discount:

  • Claims or charges relating to workers compensation, inquiries or actions by a government agency, bankruptcy or alcohol, drugs, substance abuse, chemical abuse or dependency.
  • Pre-existing conditions, defined as those acts which give rise to a lawsuit which are alleged to have occurred prior to the business' enrollment, regardless of the filing date of the lawsuit.
  • Garnishment, attachment, or any other post judgment relief action.
  • Any claim or charge where the business has access to an insurance policy.
Additional Information

The member shall designate, in writing, up to two spokespersons to communicate with the Provider Attorney. These spokespersons must have the ability to bind the member. It is up to the Provider Lawyer's professional judgment as to whether or not your claim, defense or legal position will prevail in court or is frivolous/without merit.

This is a general overview of your legal plan coverage for illustration purposes only. See a plan contract for complete terms, coverage, amounts, conditions and exclusions.

Please note, class actions, interventions or amicus curiae filings in which you are a party or potential party are not covered by the LegalShield membership.

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