GEO Marketing Alliances Group

Back Office Group

Your back office is our front office

We provide Back Office Support and Contact center. If you are trying to reduce costs, increase efficiency or extend your service offerings, Geo Marketing Alliance provides powerful and flexible outsourcing solutions that will help you reach your goals.

At Geo Marketing Alliances Group, we design and manage reputations and implement communication, marketing and digital advertising strategies between the brand and its audience.

What we offer

Virtual assistants, appointment setting, bookkeeping, recruiting, data entry and collections

When you need someone to help you run your business, not just any person will do. Finding and hiring the perfect person that will help you grow your business is expensive, time-consuming, and often frustrating.

Using our back office Support Services allows you to effortlessly meet the needs of your customers while addressing the unique challenges of your business. Whether you need help with answering phones, contacting prospective clients, scheduling appointments, or something else entirely, a back office support is an indispensable service for business growth.

Email support, inbound call center, outbound call center and Live chat support

Whether it’s via phone, email, or chat, our contact center agents will provide an attentive touch point for your business. At Geo Marketing Alliance we understand that your customers are your most important asset, so we deliver on-target care while you enjoy a hassle-free outsourcing partnership.

Let our agents help you stand out with responsive, engaging phone support, and send the message that nothing is more vital to your business than your customers.

We are passionate about our work & make growth of your business